We, Tyler Fisher and I, decided to have a little fun with NPR’s Election Night Scorecard. With Brian Boyer‘s blessing, we helped along the NPR news app team’s scorecard to its natural conclusion: an old-school, NES-style.

To best enjoy the night’s election results the way they are meant to be seen, just drag the bookmarklet button below to into your bookmarks bar. Then head on over to the NPR Election Night Scorecard, click your bookmarklet and you’re set.

8-bit NPR

Update – Mentions in the media:

Author: JeremyGilbert

As Deputy Editor, Digital for the National Geographic Society, Jeremy oversees editorial, missions-based and advertising storytelling on National Geographic's digital platforms. Before coming to the Society he was an associate professor teaching media product design, interactive storytelling, web and print design tools and techniques for Medill and the Segal Institute of Design at Northwestern University. He also served in the Medill administration as the Director of Technology and Space Design. Previously Jeremy led The Poynter Institute in rethinking and redesigning its industry leading website and served as an art director at a couple of newspapers.

21 Replies to “NPRs Election Night Coverage 8-Bit-Style”

  1. Chris Wage says:

    The NYT site is goin tits up, so that’s probably why. Downside of being the best.

  2. Jenny says:

    What a fun way to watch the election results! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. JeremyGilbert says:

    I’m working with someone at Mozilla to see if I can get that working. As soon as I can I’ll report progress.

  4. Clyde says:

    Very nice! Compliments from an old IBM mainframe programmer who also liked to play around with 8-bit programming on the Atari 800 with the 6502 processor.

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