SND Digital’s Five Best Designed Apps and Sites

I had the privilege of judging the inaugural, 2010 Society of News Design’s Best of Digital Design competition. Not only did I have a chance to serve (and argue) with some of the world’s best media design thinkers but we also set standards that future judges will follow.

The Society of News Design's 2010 World's Best Designed Sites & Apps
Society of News Design

The competition was rigorous and the decisions difficult but the five World’s Best Designed are:

MoJo: Newscaster, User-Driven, Video Newscast

We need your vote. Help Katie Zhu and me win the People-Powered News A challenge from MoJo (Mozilla + Journalism). The innovation challenge will identify 15 projects worth developing and we think Newscaster should be one. Here is an excerpt from our entry:

In place of a newsroom programmed, linear newscast Newscaster is an on-demand, user-driven video newscasts across a range of mobile and tablet devices (like the iPad) using an accessible, cross-device programming standard. The digital newscast would take full advantage of web-native technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, but will be developed within the intent of being a mobile app, aiming to make news easier to consume while on the go…

…The application will allow users to add content to their own playlist and make news judgment decisions traditionally reserved for professional producers in a control room. Users can have any kind of news (weather, sports, crime, education, etc.), can play their own newscast at any time (rather than waiting for 10 p.m.) or choose from a variety of automatically generated newscasts that fit the time they have at hand (10, 15, 30 minute newscasts)…

Newscaster Wireframe

Please read the rest of the entry and vote for Newscaster.