NPRs Election Night Coverage 8-Bit-Style

We, Tyler Fisher and I, decided to have a little fun with NPR’s Election Night Scorecard. With Brian Boyer‘s blessing, we helped along the NPR news app team’s scorecard to its natural conclusion: an old-school, NES-style.

To best enjoy the night’s election results the way they are meant to be seen, just drag the bookmarklet button below to into your bookmarks bar. Then head on over to the NPR Election Night Scorecard, click your bookmarklet and you’re set.

8-bit NPR

Update – Mentions in the media:

EyeTrack Tablet Research Debut at Medill

The questions: How do readers choose what news to consume? And once they choose, how do they actually read it?

Over the last 18 months we’ve explored questions of how users consume news on tablets. This research tracked reading on iPads based on three different navigation paradigms: Traditional, Carousel and Tile. Inside each of the three prototypes, the prototypes all use the same 20 stories with identical presentations to better test how different media types – text, photos, video and graphics – vary the reading experience.

EyeTrack Tablet

The presentation of findings will be streamed live today and will be available as an archive for later viewing.

And join us on Facebook more information about the study and the ongoing work or on Poynter Online.

You can also see Amy Gahran’s take on the study at USC Annenberg’s Knight Digital Media Center.