View Source Podcast: Hipster Education

View Source PodcastCindy Royal, associate professor of Journalism at Texas State University, San Marcos, and I join View Source podcast host Dave Stanton to discuss teaching students how to employ technology — specifically programming — as part of their journalism education.

We discuss teaching the latest techniques, creating common languages with different kinds of students and how to prepare students for jobs we cannot yet imagine. Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.

Update: Poynter EyeTrack Tablet Research Ongoing

Poynter EyeTrack Tablet ResearchMy esteemed colleague Dr. Mario Garcia put together an update on his blog explaining the direction taken by the most recent round of Poynter EyeTrack testing. This one focused on the usability of touchscreen devices, primarily tablets:

We are aware that, as with any research study, there are so many variables that we can test effectively. But the prototype that has been prepared addresses many of the key issues, some of which will have to be tested not through EyeTrack specifically, but by observation at the test centers, and through exit interviews. Nonetheless, because so much of this material is new, I am certain that any information that the new Poynter EyeTrack can provide will be welcome, and will contribute to stimulate the discussion.

We will be conducting some of the first round of testing at Medill over the next couple of weeks. More updates to come. For now, if you are interested in the EyeTrack project you can also follow the research on our Facebook page.