SND Digital’s Five Best Designed Apps and Sites

I had the privilege of judging the inaugural, 2010 Society of News Design’s Best of Digital Design competition. Not only did I have a chance to serve (and argue) with some of the world’s best media design thinkers but we also set standards that future judges will follow.

The Society of News Design's 2010 World's Best Designed Sites & Apps
Society of News Design

The competition was rigorous and the decisions difficult but the five World’s Best Designed are:

As Deputy Editor, Digital for the National Geographic Society, Jeremy oversees editorial, missions-based and advertising storytelling on National Geographic's digital platforms. Before coming to the Society he was an associate professor teaching media product design, interactive storytelling, web and print design tools and techniques for Medill and the Segal Institute of Design at Northwestern University. He also served in the Medill administration as the Director of Technology and Space Design. Previously Jeremy led The Poynter Institute in rethinking and redesigning its industry leading website and served as an art director at a couple of newspapers.

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