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Poynter Online Redesign

August 28th, 2008

In 2008 I redesigned the industry-leading Website, Poynter Online. The previous site had been built in 2004 and relatively little had change since then. The new site featured improved navigation, more efficient search and an improved user experience.


    • Featured content

    • In surveys and interviews users emphasized the challenge of finding the newest content on Poynter Online. Making that content easier to find was a key priority of the new site.
    • po_redesign_newest
    • Navigation improvements

    • Another major challenge was balancing the Institutes’ teaching areas against the kind of content on Poynter Online. During the redesign a variety of research methods were employed to craft the lexicon including card sorting and interviewing methods.
    • po_redesign_navigation
    • Search efficiencies

    • Pre-redesign user testing revealed problems with the existing search. It was not sortable and regularly returned unexpected results. The advanced search was hard to find and rarely employed. Adding categories and returning results ordered by date were among the many improvements.
    • po_redesign_search

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