Beginning of the end?

The capture of Saddam Hussein presented the first major news story post-redesign (October 2003). One of the goals of the redesign was to present a flexible front page that could adapt to news of all varieties. Immediately most of the promotion was stripped off the page. The photos and headlines were kept simple and powerful. Each element was meant to tell the reader something essential.

As Deputy Editor, Digital for the National Geographic Society, Jeremy oversees editorial, missions-based and advertising storytelling on National Geographic's digital platforms. Before coming to the Society he was an associate professor teaching media product design, interactive storytelling, web and print design tools and techniques for Medill and the Segal Institute of Design at Northwestern University. He also served in the Medill administration as the Director of Technology and Space Design. Previously Jeremy led The Poynter Institute in rethinking and redesigning its industry leading website and served as an art director at a couple of newspapers.

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